'Morning, Willa.
'Night, Mae.

They say conflict builds character. And sometimes, it creates two.
Willa & Mae is what happens when two wonderfully opposing ideas get into bed. An independent range of sustainably produced sleepwear, Willa & Mae is at once rebellious and delicate, lavish and classic, and bold but gentle when it counts.

As a team, we agonise over every stitch. Then sit back to watch the silk flow.
We want to treat the fingers. Thrill the toes. And embrace every temperament. From dawn to dusk and dawn again.

We believe it’s not a choice, but a responsibility to stand behind our local craftspeople. We’re here to change the perception of what’s possible for our country – a place that often gets forgotten on the map. Because we know, dreams can lead you just about anywhere.

When Willa leaves, Mae picks up.
We daydream about the moon. Then wake to the rising sun.
And we’d like to do it all with you.

Who will you fall
asleep with tonight?

Bedtime reading below.

Meet Jane, aka Willa.

Jane Mow has always had an obsession with detail. Before finding her way to Mae, she studied fashion design at AUT, Auckland. Her adoration of menswear led her to work with designer, Sherie Muijs, which lead to a thread of styling jobs at Sky TV and MiNDFOOD style magazine.

Like the rebel she is, Jane took the plunge and moved to Sydney in search of new challenges. Initially tasked with directing a Willa & Mae fashion show, her ‘Doc Martens with silk pajamas’ idea solidified her as the creative force that founders Emma and Rana had been looking for. Jane made a culture of daytime sleepwear and bedtime outwear, and the creative director was born.

Willa & Mae is about taking opposing ideas and asking them to play together. The guiding principle is unexpectedness – from the combinations of patterns to the materials used. Yet, the brand’s two personalities always meet harmoniously. They’re better together. Sharp, feisty Willa needs subdued Mae to keep her grounded. Classic, elegant Mae needs Willa to keep her relevant.

Today, Jane threads stamina into every garment in the house of the rising (and sleeping sun) that is Willa & Mae.

Who cares? We do.

At Willa & Mae, we’re proud of who we are in the world. Our arms are wide open. We’ve nothing to hide. We make garments of the highest calibre, but never to the detriment of our planet. Our products are made locally and ethically, in the most beautiful country in the world. And are always made to last, so you can love us longer from London, New York and anywhere else you choose to call home.

Our garments are a deep, personal reflection of who we are and what we stand for. And waking up with you is our greatest joy.